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Join ICART In The Fight Against TNBC

These days, a breast cancer diagnosis does not necessarily mean that the patient will die.


As scientists discover more about the molecular biology of cancer, uncover new therapeutic targets, develop new treatments and better disease management strategies, survival rates continue to increase. The future looks brighter.


But there is still so much we don’t know about Triple Negative Breast Cancer. We need to know more about this complex cancer.


We need to understand the genetic basis for why women of certain ethnic groups suffer more. We need to find out how TNBC develops, how it spreads. We must be able to detect it in the body – identify it accurately, and find it early. We must find the right wire to cut to defuse this ticking time bomb.


Breast cancer research is time-consuming and costly, but it is vital if we are to make a difference. Members of the ICART consortium are already making more progress together than we could alone, but we need your help.


Help ICART to make a difference. We gratefully receive and appreciate all philanthropic donations to support our work, however big or small. We also invite companies, organizations and institutions to sponsor our activities, and research laboratories working in TNBC to join the Consortium.

The International Consortium on Advancing Research on TNBC thanks and truly appreciates the support of our benefactors, sponsors and partners. Stand with us to advance research on Triple Negative Breast Cancer by making a donation to help fund our work, or by sponsoring our activities.

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