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Passionate about effective, efficient collaborative science

ICART’s mission is to advance scientific research on TNBC and reduce global cancer health disparity. To accomplish this goal ICART:


  • Brings together TNBC investigators with complementary expertise from around the globe, for productive collaboration on joint research projects by engaging in regular correspondence and meetings

  • Encourages the sharing of resources such as TNBC specimens, patient data, reagents, and experimental protocols

  • Facilitates exchange of students and fellows so that they can learn advanced methods in molecular and cell biology, histology, biostatistics, and bioinformatics

  • Performs genetic ancestry typing on TNBC specimens to investigate ancestry-related risk factors and drug targets. Hosts international conferences on TNBC and cancer health disparity to foster academic and clinical research on these topics

  • Fundraisers to support all mission activities


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