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As part of its collaborative effort to advance our understanding of TNBC, the ICART network hosts an annual conference and other focused activities throughout the year. These meetings bring breast cancer scientists together from across the globe to:

  • learn from each other through sharing knowledge and best practice

  • showcase new technologies and approaches

  • form new projects and collaborations

  • provide opportunities for early career breast cancer researchers to develop their skills and knowledge


Working across national and international borders is not easy, but it is vital if we are to fully understand the complex nature of Triple Negative Breast Cancer and its impacts on women all over the world. We need your support to make these events happen.



Please help us to make our events a success. ICART has a number of sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities available for small and large businesses, corporations, universities and research institutes:

  • Expose your brand/organization to eminent scientists and clinicians from across the globe at world-leading conferences on breast cancer research

  • Support ICART’s efforts to bring scientists together for invaluable collaboration, networking and knowledge exchange opportunities

  • Comprehensive Gold, Silver and Bronze level sponsorship packages to ensure maximum exposure for your brand

  • Sponsor a scientific session, provide speaker travel, present a student award, or even sponsor a coffee break!


Request a sponsorship pack, or more information here.

Thank you for sponsoring ICART. Relationships with organizations like yours are absolutely vital to allow us to continue our collaborative efforts and truly advance research on Triple Negative Breast Cancer.
- Ritu Aneja, PhD, Georgia State University, ICART Co-Founder
- Dr. Emad Rakha, University of Nottingham, ICART Co-Founder
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